Loving Kindness again

From John Ashby:

Our Celebration Of Abraham group was founded because we understand that we have more in common bringing us together, than differences dividing us. Thinking about the topics Celebration Of Abraham has celebrated in past years – for examples compassion, community, forgiveness, the stranger in our midst – the awareness bubbled up that loving-kindness, acts of loving-kindness, a world-view of loving-kindness,  are at the core of Abrahamic faiths.

This year Loving-Kindness is the theme for our celebration. We will struggle to understand what Loving-Kindness is, hear interpretations of Loving-Kindness from clergy of differing Abrahamic faiths, and have a fun table conversation understanding better and deepening our own personal experiences and expressions of Loving-Kindness.

Celebrate with us at this years “Celebration Of Abraham”, Sunday January 26, 3-5 pm at St. James Catholic Church, Community Hall, Davis, Ca. 

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