After September 11, 2001, a group of Jewish, Christian and Muslim clergy and laypersons met to consider how our community could honor those who had died and, at the same time, increase understanding and respect among the three major Abrahamic faiths n Davis and Woodland. The result was the Celebration of Abraham. The Celebration is dedicating to increasing understanding among all religious tradition.

The mission of the Celebration of Abraham is to increase understanding and respect among the three Abrahamic faiths in Davis and Woodland. The Celebration of Abraham recognizes that Judaism, Christianity and Islam share a belief in one God and celebrate a common ancestor in faith, Abraham.

The Celebration educates the local community about the three traditions and promote interfaith cooperation to improve the community of Yolo County. This is accomplished primarily through an annual community gathering where participants learn about one another’s faiths. We reflect on how each of the three traditions addresses universal themes. The Celebration also collect funds and volunteers workers for a community benefit organizations. For example, we have raise the funds and labor necessary to build a local Habitat for Humanity homes and funds for emergency relief in the Philippines after Super-Typhoon Haiyan.